Monday, July 18, 2011

5. Pitcairn Improvement

The existing NS line is in blue.

The yellow line from milepost 338.2 (40.394058N79.798025W) to milepost 336.1 (40.378614N79.76475W)  represents an approximate 1 degree curve. This would require a significant cut but would allow passenger operation at 113 mph.

NS passenger passenger speed is 54 mph from milepost 339.2 to milepost 337.3. The PRR passenger speed  was 45 to 54 mph through the curves. From milepost 337 to 336 the NS passengers speed is 75 mph.

If a  2 degree curve represented as the orange line were constructed as shown milepost 338.3 (40.398156N79.788267W) to milepost 336.9 (40.395183N79.772644W) a passenger speed of 80 mph could be permitted.

The facility south of the orange line is a container terminal operated by the Norfolk Southern at the site of the former Pitcairn yard.

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