Thursday, July 28, 2011

13. Bolivar - New Florence

East of Torrance  the line leaves the severe topography of the Packsaddle near a town called Bolivar, PA.

The proposed line realignment, in yellow, crosses the NS line, in blue, at milepost 294.4 (40.414167N79.153869W) ending at milepost 293.8 (40.397789N79.134214W) near Bolivar, PA. 

Another tangent, in yellow, is proposed from milepost 293.4 (40.395144N79.125697W) to milepost 288 (40.379908N39.072881W) near New Florence, PA.

The NS passenger speed varies from 45 mph at milepost 294.4 to 55 mph just east of milepost 293.4 then 70 mph for the mile beginning at milepost 292 followed by 79 mph at milepost 291 and milepost 290. At milepost 289.3 the passenger speed slows to 75 mph.

The proposed realignment would permit 113 mph and shorten the length of the ROW.

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