Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2. East Liberty - Wilkinsburg - Swissvale

East Liberty, mile post 348.8, ( 40.459508N79.923272W) the line, in blue, as operated by NS for freight has a 30 mph speed limit. NS passenger speed is 40 mph through to 346.4  at Wilkinsburg where it is increased to 60 mph.

The Curve at 348.8 when operated by the PRR had a line speed of 50 mph for passenger traffic. The curve's speed for the PRR was 40 mph for track 1 and 45 mph for tracks 2 and 3.

At Wilkinsburg, mile post 346.3, (40.44075N79.886653W) the line operated by NS has freight speed limit of 35 mph. The PRR passenger speed was 60 mph.

At Swissvale, mile post 345.1, (40.424728N79.886144W) the line operated by NS has a  freight 35 mph speed passenger speed of 45 mph. The curve at Swissvale had a 50 mph speed limit under PRR operation.

The topography and urban location make right of way (ROW) enhancements impractical. The ROW shares the Port Authority of Allegheny County's East Busway from the vicinity of the Pittsburgh Amtrak station to Swissvale.

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