Sunday, July 24, 2011

10. Torrance North - Packsaddle - Conemaugh Valley

The existing Pittsburgh to Harrisburg line is shown in blue. The NS passenger speed at milepost 300.8 (40.405603N79.231803W) is 55 mph. As noted in an earlier post the corrected curvature west of milepost 300.8 would permit 110 mph. If a 1 degree curve were begun at milepost 300.8 transition to a tangent followed by another 1 degree curve into another tangent at 40.415761N79.192283W, 110 mph would be possible as shown by the yellow line.

Alternatively, if a 2 degree curve were to begin at milepost 300.2 (40.416644N79.225519W) transitioning to a tangent at 40.421119N79.212064W as an orange line, an 80 mph speed is possible.

The NS passenger speed speed in this area varies at milepost 300.8 as 55 mph to 50 mph 2 miles further east.

The Conemaugh Valley was followed by the PRR to Johnstown. The west entrance into the Conemaugh Valley  near Torrance, PA is called the "Packsaddle"

"The Packaddle," from a point in the vicinity of Torrance, PA. The view is looking east. This woodcut print was published in "The Pennsylvania Railroad: Its Origin, Construction, Condition, and Connnections," by William B. Sipes, 1875. What is shown is what was built in the 1850's and is what is shown as the blue line on the Google Earth image above.

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