Thursday, July 28, 2011

14. Seward

The NS passenger speed from milepost 287.3 to milepost 284.6 is 79 mph. At milepost 284.6
( 40.414678N79.021533W) a 2.5 degree curve is encountered requiring a 55 mph speed. Reducing the curve to 1 degree through to milepost 283.8 (40.417308N79.008825W) would enable a 110 mph speed as shown by the yellow line. The blue represents the current NS line.

Easing curves to a maximum speeds assumes that the track class  is upgraded to 6 from 4 in accordance with the Federal Railroad Administration's "Track Safety Standards" at 49 CFR 213.57. For instance, from milepost 288.4 to 287.3 at New Florence, PA, the 1.3 degree curve there could sustain a 90 mph speed. The 0.5 curve from miepost 286.5 to milepost 285.1 could sustain 160 mph.

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