Sunday, July 17, 2011

George Westinghouse Bridge Etching

This etching of the Westinghouse Bridge was done by Otto Kuhler in 1930.  Kuhler lived in Pittsburgh in the 1920's. He was noted for his industrial design work for the railroad industry. His family was involved with iron and steel fabrication in Germany. He gave his biography the apt title, "My Iron Journey - A Life With Steam and Steel." His art was notable for his ability to exaggerate and express the great impression of industry. Clearly, the bridge is exaggerated  for the effect desired.

The railroad beneath the right arch is the PRR mainline at milepost 341.3. The view is looking west.

Railroad in the foreground under the left arch is the Port Perry Branch. The through truss bridge on the right of the frame formed by the left arch is the Union Railroad crossing the PRR mainline. The stacks in the distance are of the Edgar Thomson steel mill.

Andrew Carnegie arranged financing for the steel mill with the assistance of then PRR President, J. Edgar Thomson. Allegedly, when Thomson learned that the mill would be served also by the competing Baltimore and Ohio Railroad as well, Carnegie named the mill for Thomson in an effort to smooth ruffled feathers.

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