Sunday, July 31, 2011

18. Mineral Point - Viaduct

The existing NS line is in blue The NS passenger speed at milepost 269.9 is 40 mph. At milepost 26.7 the passenger speed is reduced to 35mph through the Conemaugh Viaduct at milepost 267.2 through to milepost 266.9 where the allowed speed is 40 mph becoming 45 mph at milepost 266.3.

The proposed new alignment is shown in yellow. At milepost 269.9 a 2 degree curve capable of 80 mph leaves the mainline easterly. The new alignment shown in yellow again leaves the mainline at milepost 268.8 crossing the mainline again at milepost 268.1 and again touching the mainline ROW at milepost 267.3 and crossing the mainline at milepost 266.9 being a series of 2 degree curves capable of 80 mph. At milepost 266.9 a tangent would begin easterly.

With this realignment, oldest part of the Pittsburgh to Harrisburg mainline dating to 1834 will be retired from near milepost 267.2 to about milepost 266.7

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