Saturday, July 30, 2011

17. East Conemaugh

The NS line is shown in blue. The NS passenger speed at milepost 273 is 60 mph reducing to 40 mph at milepost 272 and 35 mph at milepost 271 then increasing to 40 mph at milepost 270

Changing the alignment, in yellow, leaving the mainline at milepost 273 (40.345967N78.883406W) then rejoining the mainline at milepost 271.3 (40.851503N78.866231W) with a 2 degree curve to a tangent beginning at milepost 271.2 (40.352369N79.863522W) to milepost 270.7 (40.356767N78.859178W) where a tangent is run to milepost 269.9 (40.374069N78.853017W) where another 2 degree curve is initiated east.  An 80 mph speed would be allowed.

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