Sunday, July 24, 2011

Packsaddle Landscape - Scalp Level School

This landscape is by artist George Hetzel in 1891. From the north side of the Conemaugh River the perspective looking east up the Conemaugh Valley is just downstream from the Packsaddle on the right.
The painting shows two fishermen in the lower left. The vantage point is about a mile north of Torrance, PA. Hetzel was a member of a group of Pennsylvania landscape artists known as the Scalp Level school. Their goal was to paint Pennsylvania landscapes before all the first growth forest had been cut. There is a place in Cambria County named Scalp Level. Reputedly the boss of a lumber crew there  gave the crew instructions to "scalp the forest level."

This is certainly a romantic landscape of the rugged Conemaugh Valley.

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