Sunday, July 24, 2011

Views of the Packsaddle and Conemaugh River Valley

This PRR photograph was taken in the vicinity of milepost 299 looking up the Conemaugh River Valley. The PRR right of way ROW is to the right.
  The decorative cabin  seen in the photograph above is to the left and rear of the photographer's perspective in this 1891 PRR photograph. This is in the vicinity of milepost 299 looking east in the Conemaugh River valley.
Here is a special steam powered excursion, October 1976, at about milepost 299 looking east up the Conemaugh River valley. Seen on the right are enthusiastic passengers leaning out open windows of the 1920's era passenger equipment. One passenger has a microphone to record the sound of the former Reading Railroad locomotive number 2102 up ahead. The white cloud to the right is steam exhaust from the locomotive. In the distance at the bottom of the mountain can be seen the outline of the ROW from left to right center.
This view is from the Oak Hill Road overlook a mile north of Torrance, PA on the the North side of the Conemaugh River. The view is looking up the Conemaugh River. The 1891 Packsaddle photographs as the 1976 excursion photograph were made just beyond the curve on the NS right of way ROW seen in the right center of the photograph.

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