Friday, July 29, 2011

15. Johnstown

Entering milepost 279 the NS passenger speed becomes 60 mph from 79 mph. Beginning at milepost 278.7 (40.362136N79.951836W) the NS passenger speed reduces to 45 mph down 35 mph at Milepost 278.2 increasing to 40 mph at 277.8 then 45 mph at milepost 277.3 through 276.2.

The NS line is shown in blue.

Changing the alignment as shown in yellow would permit 110 mph. Leaving the mainline at milepost 278.7 then crossing the mainline at milepost 277.2 (40.340881N79.933372W). The new alignment would return to the mainline near milepost 276.2 (40.340933N79.933286W). At milepost 276.2 a new alignment begins.

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