Thursday, July 21, 2011

6. Manor to Jeannette

At milepost 329.8 severe curvature of 4.3,  4.1, 4.2 and 3.0 degrees is encountered to milepost 327. Note the blue line for the existing line.  At milepost 329.8 at Manor, PA ( 40.334814N79.675144W) a tangent could be extended to A (40.337386N79.664475W) where a 1 degree curve would be extended to B (40.335192N79.638922W) where a reverse 1 degree would begin returning to the mainline at milepost 327 (40.331356N79.626164W). Milepost 327.5 identifies the highway bridge over the NS tracks at Penn, PA.

A new right of way ROW as described would be capable of 113 mph.

The current NS speed for freight  is 45 mph and for passenger is 50 mph at milepost 329.8. At milepost 328.2  to 327. 7 the freight speed is 50 mph and the passenger speed is 57 mph. At milepost 327.6 the freight speed remains 50 mph with the authorized passenger speed being 75 mph.

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