Friday, July 22, 2011

8. Derry North

The NS passenger speed through the curves between milepost 306.2 (40.352272N79.280836W) and milepost 304.4 (40.361756N79.269931W) is 60 mph. A passenger train traveling east must reduce speed from an allowed 79 mph to 60 mph. The Allowed speed east of milepost 304.4 is 70 mph. The reduced speed from 79 mph to 70 mph is due to the reduced speed of the line 4 miles to the east as the line swings from the Laurel Highlands into the Conemaugh River Valley known as the Packsaddle.

Eliminating the 2 degree curve would allow a full 79 mph follow by deceleration to 70 in anticipation of the curves into the Conemaugh Valley at Torrance, PA.

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