Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pitttsburgh - Swissvale East Busway

Obviously there is no opportunity for right of way (ROW) enhancements for the railroad line from Pittsburgh to Swissvale as the East Busway is parallel to the ROW. The East Busway shares the ROW of the PRR Pennsylvania Railroad. Conrail concentrated westbound freight traffic by funneling traffic through Chicago. The line to St. Louis had diverged from the Pittsburgh Station over what was referred to as the "Panhandle" route. The "Panhandle" name apparently came from the line crossing the West Virginia panhandle. The Port Authority of Pittsburgh was able to take advantage of the change to freight operations and acquired part of the ROW creating  from 2 of the 4 tracks in 1983 the ROW for the East Busway.  See:

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