Friday, March 30, 2012


When I lived in Erie and Oil City in Northwest Pennsylvania my California relatives would ask what it was like. I explained it was great except for a minute of driving terror every year. In the average winter I would experience 6 white outs lasting 10 seconds each.

When I lived in Cumberland County south of Harrisburg my California relatives asked how it compared to Northwest Pennsylvania. Because of the frequency that I used Interstate 81 going into and out of Harrisburg I explained that I had 5 minutes of annual driving terror. Instead of white outs in the winter,  I experienced 30 near misses lasting 10 seconds throughout the year. That's how driving in and amongst a 10,000+ six tire, trucks per day, Interstate highway was like.

My California relatives said that it sounded as if I lived where they lived!

By 2035 many more USA citizens than now will be able to have their annual 5 minutes of driving terror.

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