Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Non - Oil Parallel Transportation

One way to achieve a non-oil transportation system is to convert tractor trailers to natural gas from diesel. A letter to the Wall Street Journal by T. Boone Pickens on March 6, 2012, advocated for the passage of the Nat Gas Act,  S.1863.  See:

On the face of it, conversion of the trucking industry to natural gas as a fuel would have the benefit of using a fuel from the United States. It would not correct the disproportionate ton miles carried by the trucking industry. Both the highway mode and the rail mode are heading towards serious capacity constraints nationwide by 2035.

Alternate fuels for highway vehicles does nothing for congestion. 

Perhaps the policy to pursue should be to maintain the capacity of the current highway system and nothing more.

Policy should increase railroad capacity and ability to operate at higher speeds.

Policy should increase waterway utilization.

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  1. Note I proposed the same thing last summer. I also proposed a capitalization structure for it.