Thursday, January 26, 2012

Airport Location Cleveland to Pittsburgh to Harrisburg to Philadelphia

Higher speed restored rail passenger service has been the topic of this blog. How does the location of airports alone the line from Cleveland to Pittsburgh to Harrisburg to Philadelphia.

At Cleveland the RTA's Red line rail passenger service serves the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport. Via Terminal Tower Station, RTA serves the Lakefront Amtrak station at Cleveland.

The Cleveland to Youngstown line is within 10 miles of the Youngstown - Warren Regional Airport.

If access to Pittsburgh remains on the CSX beyond the Beaver River Valley the line in the vicinity of Coraopolis, Pennsylvania is within 4 miles of the Pittsburgh International Airport.

The John Murtha Johnstown - Cambria County Airport is within 4 miles of the NS Pittsburgh to Harrisburg line, the Keystone Corridor West.

The Harrisburg International Airport is adjacent to the Keystone Corridor East line owned by Amtrak.
Planning is underway to relocate the Amtrak station serving Middletown, Pennsylvania near the Harrisburg International Airport. See:

The Philadelphia International Airport has service from Amtrak's Philadelphia 30th Street Station.

Suppose a 90 average mph higher speed railroad existed from Cleveland to Philadelphia. as noted, there are 4 international airports located along the line. Two airports, Youngstown Warren and John Murtha Johnstown Cambria County have runway lengths and capability to support the largest aircraft currently being flown. What opportunities for dedicated airline rail passenger cars, for that matter trains, exist for the proposed higher speed rail service?

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