Thursday, September 8, 2011

29. Bald Eagle

The Pittsburgh to Harrisburg line at Tyrone, PA has such a severe curve (5.6 degree) entering the Juniata River Valley near the Bald Eagle Mountain that the passenger speed is 40 mph. This point is another chokepoint. The existing line is in blue. At milepost 221.2 (40.6643N78.223883W) a realignment in yellow as a tangent to 40.667478N78.232181W could be the point for a 2 degree curve allowing an 80 mph speed  to milepost 222.2 or a 1 degree curve in orange allowing 110 mph speed to 40.666506N78.244739W being the starting point for the proposed new line over the Allegheny frontal from Cresson, PA to Tyrone, PA. The 2 degree curve would be the alternative alignment continuing to operate with the antiquated Horseshoe Curve over the Allegheny frontal.

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