Wednesday, September 7, 2011

28. 1 Tipton

Assuming that the proposed Horseshoe Curve bypass is not built, an opportunity to lessen curvature in the vicinity of milepost 224.4 (40.647808N78.274844W) to milepost 228.4 (40.614131N78.322361W) near Tipton, PA between Bellwood and Tyrone, PA exists. Admittedly, if the curvature were eased at Tyrone as proposed, the nearness to Altoona would make this proposal something that could be ignored. At any rate, the curvature in this area requires a reduction in allowable speed westbound from 65 mph to 60 mph then returning to 70 mph. The existing NS line is in blue. A 1 degree reverse curve could sustain a 110 mph speed as shown by the yellow line. The orange line represents the location of the proposed crossing of the Allegheny frontal from Tyrone to Cresson. The white line to the right is Interstate 99.

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