Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tyrone - Bridge with Steam Locomotive and Passenger Train

This photograph is from "Art Work of Blair County," W.H. Parish Publishing Company, Chicago, 1893, page 1. It is a "Scene on the Juniata River, showing Pennsylvania Railroad  bridge near Altoona." The photograph is remarkable for the reflection in the river. The locomotive is a D13c classification, American wheel arrangement. The American wheel arrangement was a locomotive with 4 leading wheels supporting the cylinders and smokebox at the front of the steam locomotive and 4 driving wheels supporting the firebox and boiler. The D13c had 68 inch diameter drivers. The engine and tender were 48 feet 7 inches in length. This engine developed a tractive force of 17,970 pounds. The train is likely operating at 40 mph in 1893 as a passenger train in this area toady would do.

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