Thursday, August 4, 2011

Between Gallitzin and Horseshoe Curve

Allegrippus Curve landscape painting from about milepost 245.5 circa 1860 looking eastbound. The PRR mainline is in the foreground and left distance. Barely shown to the right is the ROW of the New Portage Railroad that was constructed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania coincidentally with the Pennsylvania Railroad's construction of its line over the Allegheny Frontal.
Allegrippus Curve, looking eastbound circa 1900.
About two miles west of the Horseshoe Curve looking east from Allegrippus Curve above Sugar Run in the valley below. This is an 1875 woodcut from "The Pennsylvania Railroad," by Sipes.
Here is a similar view published in Harper's Monthly 1884 also from the vicinity of milepost 245.5.
Looking west from vicinity of milepost 244.5 towards Allegrippus. Sugar Run is to the left. The sketch is after a photograph published on page 56 of August 2004 Trains Magazine. The sketch gives an idea what a 1.8% grade east of Gallitzin is like.

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