Thursday, August 18, 2011

28. Tyrone

As the proposed Allegheny frontal line relocation ends at 40.666506N78.244739W the transition to returning to the mainline begins there as a 1 degree curve transitioning to a tangent at 40.667444N78.232133W connecting to the mainline at milepost 221.2 (40.6643N78.223883W). A 1 degree curve would allow a 110 mph speed. This has been expressed in the yellow line.

Should no alternative over the Allegheny frontal be built, a 2 degree curve in orange from milepost 222.2 (40.6659N78.241833W) to 40.667444N78.232133W terminating at milepost 221.2 (40.6643N78.223883W) would allow an 80 mph speed.

The current NS passenger speed is 40 mph from milepost 223.6 through milepost 220 in blue.

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