Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Progress Prone? OR Progress Resistant?

"'Progress-prone' societies are rational, ascetic, ethical, universalist, achievement-oriented, activist, future-oriented and egalitarian. Such societies  seek a balance between group and individual interests and observe life as a positive-sum game.'

'In contrast, 'progress resistant'  societies are fatalistic, particularistic, ascriptive, passive, individualistic and familistic, past- or present-oriented, and hierarchal. Life is perceived as a zero-sum game.' ( See "A History of Credit and Power in the Western World" by S.B. MacDonald and A.L. Gastmann.)

Can Pennsylvania become 'progress-prone' state?

A 'progress-prone'  state is a state that is rational, achievement-oriented, future oriented and egalitarian. Sadly, the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania can be characterized as being 'progress resistant.'

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania holds a unique position in the geography of the country. It sit astride the line of communication between the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast of the United States. As such, any high speed railroad that will be built will cross the Commonwealth.

The question  is how to build a high speed railroad system to fully benefit the Commonwealth as it fulfills its traditional "keystone" role.

How could a high speed railroad be built and operated given the "progress-resistant" nature of the Pennsylvania Assembly let alone the "progress-resistant " national legislature.

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