Sunday, January 17, 2016

Closer Look Curve Realignment Frankford Curve 298

From east to west, leave existing right of way at about 40.006228N 75.087489W at the Adams Avenue Street underpass east of Torresdale Avenue itersection.

Some affected high value real estate in vicinity Adams Avenue and Torresdale, Avenue. 

Adams Avenue underpass showing high value real estate.

Crossing Frankford Creek

Detail of upper right corner of photo above. Facility to left lower of this detail shows a derelict, vacant, obsolete industrial structure from another era and century on Vand Dike Street.

Curbside on Van Dike Street looking toward the T intersection with Paul Street and the NEC cooridor
right of way in the upper left middle distance.

 Crossing Frankford Creek eased curve would affect an occupied and maintained  warehouse. This is a warehouse used by SEPTA. About one third of the structure has an industrial tenant.
Curbside view of Wheatsheaf Lane with obsolete, derelict, vacant industrial structure across from SEPTA warehouse on right. rowhouses to left across from the warehouse are on Coral Street.

Continued estimate relocated and eased curve location.

Detail of vacant warehouse on Frankford Avenue with intersection above out of frame with Buckus  Street.
Frankford Avenue looking towards NEC right of way. NEC substation in distant upper right hand part of photo.

Continuation of proposed line relocation crossing Castor Avenue and Sedgewick Avenue.

Intersection of Castor Avenue and Sedgewick Avenue from curbside looking towards underpass carrying NEC right of way. Substation for NEC is to the left. To the left is a vacant functionally obsolete industrial structure that is for sale.

The vacant industrial structure on Sedgewick Avenue  to the left with view of buildings in immediate vicinity of suggested new right of way.

Western end of proposed relocation of curve 298 at 40.002369N 75.104164W off Sedgewick Avenue and the intersection of L Street

The proposed line relocation would cross the Frankford Elevated line seen in the distance. The NEC right of way is seen in the upper left distance.

What would this curve easement accomplish? 
The elimination of a killer curve.

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