Sunday, November 23, 2014

Keystone West Corridor Study Publication????

The Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail reported a number of weeks ago that In a September 9 letter to Sen. Toomey, Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) administrator Joseph Szabo said the Keystone West Corridor Study received FRA approval on August 22. The study reviews the options for improving passenger rail service between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg. PennDOT is currently finalizing the document for production and plans to have the study posted on the project's website by October 3.

Pennsylvania HSR continues to await its publication. Pennsylvania HSR has awaited the publication product since 2011.

The likely supposition for the delay in the $750,000.00 study is that it might be incomplete, or poorly done, or not meeting the original standards set by the FRA for the study. Should the FRA pay for an inadequate study? Worse, it was done by McCormick, Taylor and Associates, the prior employer of. current Secretary of PennDOT Barry Schoch. For Schoch's bio see:

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