Thursday, November 17, 2011

Daily Air Passenger Count Pittsburgh

I have notes from ten year old data that I found several months ago. Now I cannot find the source of the notes. What is important though is that the notes show that for the city pairs of Pittsburgh to New York and Pittsburgh to Philadelphia the average number of passengers daily were 1504 and 775.

Assume that 20 per cent of those passengers (445 passengers) could be attracted to a Pittsburgh - Harrisburg - Philadelphia- New York service.  Assume that 3 additional trains were added to Pittsburgh to Harrisburg. Those core former air passengers would be a foundation for the additional service.

Would Pittsburgh - Harrisburg- Philadelphia - New York be near air competitive. Consider that with pendular suspended passenger equipment designed to cope with curvature at higher speeds than conventional passenger equipment, a Pittsburgh to Harrisburg schedule can be 4 hours from the current 5.5 hours. As the schedule from Harrisburg to New York is 2.5 hours, the new schedule would be 6.5 hours. That is near air competitive in time city center to city center.


  1. how do you know a tilting train could make the run in 4 hours?

  2. Talgo staff evaluated track charts for the Pittsburgh to Harrisburg line.