Monday, October 17, 2011

49 Cove

From Duncannon, the Norfolk Southern passenger speed is 35 mph at milepost 118.8. In order to continue the 110 mph realignment beginning at milepost 118.8 through milepost 115.8 the yellow line is a 1 degree curve allowing a potential 110 mph speed.
From the vicinity of milepost 115.6, artist Grif Teller for the 1956 PRR calendar created this landscape looking Northwest through the Gap of Cove mountain to the left and Peters Mountain to the right across the Susquehanna River below Duncannon in the middle distance. Shown is the "Aerotrain" built by General Motors. The prototype passenger train was not successful. In the era of jointed rail, too much noise and vibration entered the passenger compartments. The train was underpowered.  Here the Aerotrain is eastbound. Pictured westbound is the new trailer on flatcar freight train service.

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